• Sarajevo and Prokoško Jezero <br/> Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Sarajevo and Prokoško Jezero
    Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

    When you think of Bosnia and Herzegovina, war automatically comes to your mind. But this young European country wants to show the world how beautiful it actually is. We visit the historically interesting capital and take a trip to the country’s sumptuous nature. “Tomorrow, we’re driving to Prokoško Jezero”, says Faruk Osmanović, owner of the

  • River across borders

    River across borders0

    The Thaya river connects Austria’s northernmost national park with the Czech Podyji National Park. Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain, both countries have been cooperating to preserve Europe’s untouched wilderness. Looking at the National Park Centre Hardegg, you’ll have difficulty believing it belongs to the smallest town in Austria. It’s large, spacious and

  • Nothing touches us as the untouched

    Nothing touches us as the untouched0

    In order to be called National Park, an area has to fulfil certain conditions. These include a natural environment hardly influenced by human activity, and a focus on protecting this environment. The parks are largely untouched areas that can reveal their beauty. There are six National Parks in Austria, and danube connects visited three of


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EUSDR | Save the date: Das 8. Jahresforum der EU-Strategie für den Donauraum (EUSDR) soll am 27. und 28. Juni in der rumänischen Hauptstadt Bukarest stattfinden. Für den Vortag ist der Participation Day des Danube Civil Society Forums angesetzt. Nähere Informationen gibt es möglicherweise noch im Lauf des Jahres.

EUSDR | Save the date : the 8th annual forum for the European Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) will take place on 27-28 June 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. Participation Day of Danube Civil Society Forum will be in Bucharest, too, the day before. Now waiting for detailed informations.

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